Robotics At Margarita School!

Robotics At Margarita School!

Margarita Bosco school in order to improve the formation of the students allowed to the visit of a representative from Chinese company: Experience Kissimmee which promotes the robotics education in different schools in Colombia. The robotics is that branch of the technology that takes care of the design, construction, structural disposition, manufactures, operation and application. For that, it combines disciplines as they are the electronics, the mechanics, computer science, physical engineering and of control, artificial intelligence, among others.

The conference was developed in the auditorium of our school, where a part of community participated, the rector Sor. Maria Eugenia Rodriguez, the Academic and quality Coordinator Sandra Ariza Sanchez, students of Tenth and Eleventh grades and other teachers. Space in where a discussion developed, in which, through the active participation of the students demonstrated their interest to make an incursion into robotics field. Also, it is necessary to emphasize the participation of Ana Paula Vargas Hoyos student from Eleventh B, because thanks to her excellent performance in foreign language, she helped doing a tour around all the school and as translator for Chinese representative.

Área: Lengua Extranjera

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